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About Art 101 Seminar
…learn to make smart art choices

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Picture This framing & gallery
Seminar Fee: $39

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Sue Soucy

Upcoming Dates

Thursday Nov 2, 2017: 6 pm – 8 pm
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Saturday Dec 2, 2017: 10 am – 12 pm
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Find out the answers
to these questions and more!

  • Where did art begin?
  • What is a medium, an original, a giclee?
  • What is an oil painting, a watercolor painting, an acrylic painting?
  • What is a reproduction, a limited edition?
  • What determines the value of art?
Mona Lisa
…and more!

Place: Picture This framing & gallery
Seminar Fee: $39
BONUS: $25 gift certificate for custom picture framing

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What seminar attendees are saying:

“The presentation was so well done in such a relaxed atmosphere – Thank you. A wealth of information.”
– Donna Thorne”

Excellently organized presentation that was delivered with clarity and enthusiasm. Appreciated that I could ask questions.”
– Bob Frender

“Very interesting course, several people brought up a question, ie. Artist’s proof or the instructor would mention something I wanted to know. . . once I heard it, but didn’t know beforehand that I did!!”
– Pam Osborn

“Thank you. A great introduction. A nice balance of talking and visual.”
-Kelsey Fellows