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Artist Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman’s Canada
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Robert Bateman has been a keen artist and naturalist from his early days. He has always painted wildlife and nature, beginning with a representational style, moving through impressionism and cubism to abstract expressionism. In his early 30’s he moved back to realism as a more suitable way to express the particularity of the planet. It is this style that has made him one of the foremost artists depicting the world of nature.


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Afternoon Light

“Constantly evolving, Andrew’s style seems to change each year. His palette is never the same but his style is always recognizable.”

Vance Theoret

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Along the Lightning Strike
By Vance Theoret

Vance Theoret is a man of few words, as are many who work with stone. But when he does get talking it takes little time to feel his passion for the stone that he works with! And of how he communicates with the stone in a manner hard to put into words but nonetheless very tangible. Theoret is of Mohawk/Metis descent and connects with each stone, allowing its ancient memory to speak to him. Using this first impression of what the stone has revealed, he applies a ‘direct carve’ approach, letting the design emerge. This rough image is then refined into a clean, solid sculpture, with precise, yet minimal, detail. “I let the stone tell me what it wants to be. The results are far more exciting than if I forced my ideas on my material.”

While Vance’s work portrays the physical presence of the stone, it also evokes a wide range of emotions – from humor to a sense of tenderness shared between mother and baby – and seems to touch you on a very primal level. The pieces that Theoret carves seem to not only have a life of their own but this method also showcases the real star of the show.The stone itself!

Terry Isaac

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Internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Terry Isaac grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and it is there that he began his love affair with wildlife.

Drawing inspiration from his own backyard and from the captivating vistas of the Northwest, he began to create dramatic wildlife art. He now calls Penticton, British Columbia, Canada “home” and, since moving, has continued to create paintings capturing unique characteristics of wildlife and their habitat. Terry travels around the world to capture exciting images.

During his successful professional career Isaac has been the featured “Artist of the Year” at a number of prestigious art shows and expos.