Limited Edition Print by Robert Bissell


Robert Bissell
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
96 × 19 in
Not Available


Artwork Description

“What could be more uplifting than to get a bunch of creatures together on a grassy mountain-top in the middle of summer just to chat and roll around with in fun and companionship? These were my thoughts as I began to put this painting together. The original was 24″ x 120” so you can imagine the task! By the time it was finished all the bears had names and even the mouse too! Each day was like “I think I’ll work on Harry today and let Clive dry for a while”.. As an artist I tend to take on and project the emotions that are displayed in a painting, so I had to be really happy when working on this. I am showing some insets here in addition to the complete piece because it is easier to see the detail.” – Robert Bissell