Ornament #4 – Bushtit in Lime Green

Limited Edition Print by Andrew Denman

Ornament #4 – Bushtit in Lime Green

Andrew Denman
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
8 × 8 in
Limited Edition of 75 S/N

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Artwork Description

This is the companion piece to “Ornament #3: Bushtit in Carmine Pink,” and seeks to achieve the same goal. The vivid, chartreus green, lush gold leaf, and diagonal orientation of the piece all serve to elevate the subject from easily overlooked little grey bird, to the realm of something magical. My paintings have long focused on birds and animals disassociated from their natural habitats and presented, not as common animals, but as objects of reverence, as icons. The “Ornament” series represents the latest evolution of that style, with the gold leaf handily suggesting the spirituality of nature.