Spring Time Is For Happy People Who Like Owls

Original Artwork by Andrew Denman

Spring Time Is For Happy People Who Like Owls

Andrew Denman
Original Artwork
Acrylic on Cradled Board
9 × 12 in


Artwork Description

“This piece was an attempt to portray a favorite subject in a simple and unassuming manner.  Of course, there is nothing simple about capturing a feather pattern as complex and subtle as that of the burrowing owl, but then all my attempts to be “easy” typically fail; hopefully in the process, the painting succeeds, as here.  I am fortunate to have two colonies of burrowing owls in my area that I know of that are easily accessible to viewing.  This fellow is a particularly habituated owl whose nest is just a stone’s throw from a heavily trafficked skate park, so I had no difficulty in observing or photographing him. There is a dauntlessness about these owls that I find compelling; perhaps it’s simply that they show themselves during the daylight hours when us lucky humans can get a good look at them, but there is something about their direct stares and alert but comfortable demeanor to which I can’t help but ascribe a certain degree of challenge, of impishness.   In the summer, they can be hard to spot amongst the grey clay banks and dry, golden grasses, but in the spring, their little round shapes stand out starkly against the new shoots of acid green.   Seeing them in this setting brings an irrepressible smile to my face, hence the title of the painting.”

– Andrew Denman