The Embrace II

Limited Edition Print by Robert Bissell

The Embrace II

Robert Bissell
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
16 × 12 in

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Artwork Description

The Embrace ll is the second painting based around this theme. I am releasing this new limited edition print in appreciation to all those people who expressed to me how much the original Embrace image meant to them, many who were unable to obtain a print due to it being sold out so quickly. The ideas in this new painting are similar to those embodied in the original in that it seeks to communicate an expression of unification and oneness. By moving the scene to a woodland glen, the bears are more grounded in their world, even though they look upward for inspiration. This scene is set on a spring morning to suggest awakening and rebirth. Combining the delicate butterflies with the bears reminds us that fragile as this earth is, we all can take comfort and support from our true nature.