The Ladies Man

Limited Edition Print by Andrew Denman

The Ladies Man

Andrew Denman
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
18 × 18 in
Limited Edition of 75 S/N

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Artwork Description

This piece is part of my new “Pattern” series. By taking an animal and reducing it to a silhouetted, stamp-like form, and repeating that shape to create a background pattern, the animal subject is pitted against a mass-produced image of itself. In most cases, the effect is humorous, evoking the animal’s ubiquity, life cycle, or reproductive capacity. In all cases, this systematization of a natural shape highlights the significance of the animal in human life and culture.

The chicken and egg represent the story of fertility, but also their vital world-wide importance as a food product and case study for the modern phenomenon of mass production. The stocky, solid shape of this rooster, an animal that curiously captured all of my attention while I was visiting a big cat sanctuary (supposedly with the goal of photographing big cats), feels like a grand and solid representative for all Poultry-kind in this context. His name was Larry and he had been given to the sanctuary when a friend of theirs had suddenly moved out of the area. They did not have proper chicken accommodations, so when the staff noticed how taken I was with Larry, they offered for me to take him home. Unfortunately, I live in a very small house with a zero-property line and a concrete patio (no place for a chicken to roam) so I had to decline. Sadly, just a few weeks later, Larry was killed by a wild bobcat. This is the second painting of what will likely be many Larry paintings, and a fitting homage to this splendid bird!