The Whole World

Limited Edition Print by Robert Bissell

The Whole World

Robert Bissell
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
56 × 40 in
Not Available


Artwork Description

“In this painting I wanted to create something complex and immersive that would reflect my own experience of crawling through the grass and underbrush one day earlier in the summer. As I turned over on my back and looked up ,I felt as if I was experiencing (and was in the middle of) everything there was in the landscape. From that vantage point there was a rhythm to the natural world. Every being was dodging and darting here and there in some kind of perfect harmony with the grasses and flowers. In that time, my whole world.” – Robert Bissell

This new Robert Bissell release is teaming with life. A buzzing microcosmic world and the king of the forest to contemplate the driving force behind it. This is what we have grown to love about Bissell’s work. His imagination will awaken your inner child and evoke the playful spirit that many of us wish to revisit.