3 Simple Tips on Buying Art


Rollie LaMarche - CEO, Picture This Galleryby Rollie LaMarche 
Rollie LaMarche is CEO and co-founder of Picture This framing & gallery, established in 1981, specializing in art, artists and award-winning picture framing

Tip # 1: Know what the art is - What kind of art are you buying?

First of all it is important to determine what kind of artwork you are buying so that you can make a smart art choice. Is it an original which is what the artist created first or is it a reproduction or copy of the original. If it is a reproduction …is it an open edition or limited edition which can help when determining the price. If it is an original … what form is the medium?... is it a watercolor, oil painting, acrylic and what is it created on paper or canvas. The original which is the one-of-a kind artwork, ‘created first’ by the artist is usually the most sought after and has a higher price point. Some artists do not create reproductions and have only original pieces of art available. No worries …if you’re not certain …we can help.

Tip # 2: Know the artist - Who is the artwork created by?

Is the artist experienced and has produced many pieces of art or is the artist a new and upcoming artist ? Usually with an experienced artist you will be able to pickup historical information that will help you to make a smarter buying decision. If it’s a new upcoming artist you may require to use your instincts, in effect ‘do you like the art’ or not. Is the artist active or inactive. Some artists will paint for a period of time (active) and then not paint (inactive) or even start up again, all the more reason for you to buy now when you find the right piece of artwork that you are looking for. It’s important for you to make a connection with the artist to help you make a confident buying decision.

Tip # 3: Know who you are buying from - Who is selling you the art?

This could be the most important tip of the 3 because if you work with a reputable gallery they will help you as much as possible to get what you want, answer your questions and communicate with you on a timely basis.

-How long have they been in business and do they have satisfied existing clients that have done business with them.

-Are they a qualified representative of the artist, if so a reputable gallery will know the current status of the artist and provide you with artist biographies and credentials. The gallery has personal contact and connection to the artist.

- Reputable galleries will do their utmost to take care of you and your artwork and make sure that you are fully satisfied.

-A full-service gallery will do everything for you, from giving you factual information on the artist, suggesting proper picture framing to advice on ‘how to hang the artwork’ when it arrives at your home.

The art that you choose, today, can last a lifetime and beyond . . .as an heirloom . Art usually outlasts most items in your home including flooring and wall coverings….another nice feature about art, is that when you relocate, you can take it with you.

We hope that you have enjoyed these tips and that they help with your art buying experience.