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  • Forest-Pond-Lois-Bauman
  • Ridgeline-Patrick-Markle
  • October-Trail-Chris-MacClure
  • Heading-Up-Country-Chris-MacClure
  • Autumn-Sunset-Larisa-Cheladyn
  • School-Boys-Paul-Landry
  • First Frost - Jonn Einerssen
  • Prairie-Patterns-Marilyn-Hurst
  • Got That Stripe - Lightning Strike
  • Passage to Autumn - Terry Isaac
  • Sky Rider - Vance Theoret
  • Sunrise On the Grid - Jonn Einerssen
  • Storm Watch- Terry Isaac
  • Along the Lightning Strike - Vance Theoret
  • Call of Autumn - Terry Isaac

The Art of
Lois Bauman

"Rose Blanche Lighthouse"
By Lois Bauman

The Art of
Cameron Bird

"High Above Moraine"
By Cameron Bird

The Art of
Jonn Einerssen

"The Big Chief"
By Jonn Einerssen

The Art of
Terry Isaac

"English Robin"
By Terry Isaac

The Art of
Patrick Markle

"Medicine Lake"
By Patrick Markle

By Audrey Pfannmuller

The Art of
Vance Theoret

"Sit Down Break"
By Vance Theoret

The Art of
Marla Wilson

By Marla Wilson