June Specials - Specials Page

Call us at 780-467-3038 or bring in your photos to be framed and recieve a free quote with a special price!


June Specials - Specials Page


Call us at 780-467-3038 or bring in your photos to be framed and recieve a free quote with a special price!


Heights of your Halos by Todd White

Save $100

In 'Heights of your Halos', witty artist Todd White depicts a glamorous group of socialites enjoying a night of flirtation and fun.

Panda Portrait by Robert Bateman

Save 20%

Celebrate the great Panda Bear with this stunning painting from Internationally renowned artist Robert Bateman.

The Shell Game by Carl Brenders

Save 25%

In this endearing scene, wolf pups gather around a turtle, captivated by its presence. Their playful curiosity is evident as they cautiously approach the turtle, while the turtle remains calm amidst the excitement. This delightful interaction captures a moment of innocent curiosity and gentle camaraderie between two distinct species.

Just One Thing on his Mind by John Banovich

Save 25%

A male elk, positioned prominently in the foreground, strides confidently through the water, creating ripples that reflect the soft sunlight while three females move around him. The title “Just One Thing on his Mind” humorously suggests the male’s single-minded focus during the mating season, adding a narrative layer to the natural scene.


Mirrors - 20240202_145827

Congratulations to the winners of last year's puzzle contest!

Lucero Rico
John Braakman
Kim Diederichs
Judy Graschuk
Bonnie Hastey
Nadia Hiebert
Marilyn Keast
Kevin Kiebiech
Anne Fedorchuk
Shea Biss
Debbie Rice
Hughina Shea
Diane Lamoreux
Ernie Christman
Kathy Gyanne
Shirley Cox
Michael Fournier
Gary Osbaldeston
Larry Klone
Roxanne Fournier
Phyllis Kornder
Lorraine Campbell
John Campbell
Marilyn Keast
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