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Coastal Majesty by Robert Bateman

Save $50
Use coupon code:  SAVE50

"Coastal Majesty - Bald Eagle" by renowned artist Robert Bateman is a stunning painting that portrays an eagle majestically poised upon a tree stump, amidst the serene beauty of a wooded landscape.

Snowed In by Trisha Romance

Save $20
Use coupon code:  SAVE20

This enchanting winter painting by Trisha Romance shows a cozy wooden house amidst a snow-covered landscape. The overall scene evokes a sense of tranquillity and nostalgia, inviting viewers to imagine the comfort and magic of a snowy winter evening.

The Great Farewell - Wayne Gretzky by Ken Danby

Save $20
Use coupon code:  SAVE20

The Great Farewell is destined to become the symbol of a Great hockey era. The limited edition print and book are certain to be ranked among the top collectibles of our time.

Edmonton Panorama by Loren Chabot

Save $20
Use coupon code:  SAVE20

A stunning painting of the city of Edmonton's River Valley, these limited prints are a wonderful way to show the beauty of the city.

Congratulations to the winners of last year's puzzle contest!

Lucero Rico
John Braakman
Kim Diederichs
Judy Graschuk
Bonnie Hastey
Nadia Hiebert
Marilyn Keast
Kevin Kiebiech
Anne Fedorchuk
Shea Biss
Debbie Rice
Hughina Shea
Diane Lamoreux
Ernie Christman
Kathy Gyanne
Shirley Cox
Michael Fournier
Gary Osbaldeston
Larry Klone
Roxanne Fournier
Phyllis Kornder
Lorraine Campbell
John Campbell
Marilyn Keast
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