A Golden Beacon – Bathed in Morning Sunlight and Fronted by a Ripe Canola Field

Gregg Johnson
Original Artwork
11 W x 11 H inches


Artwork Description

“St . Nicholas UKranian Catholic  Church of St. Michael, Lamont County, constructed in 1923.

One of my passions as an artist is  exploring the back roads of the prairies and discovering beauty down every one of them.  And to come upon one of  these onion dome churches—- the only remaining beacons to the past—-is a pleasure often unrivaled.  And there are never two the same.  They vary in size and shape and number of domes, but they nearly all lie in and east/west configuration.  And most of them are  even more beautiful inside than out. Eastern Alberta is crisscrossed with these beautiful icons and never disappoints.”

– Gregg Johnson