A Winkle in Time

Limited Edition Print by Thomas Arvid

A Winkle in Time

Thomas Arvid
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
15 × 43 in


Artwork Description

In a departure from his signature style, Arvid deftly displays the gestural hand of the artist in “A Winkle in Time.” While the bourbon in the glass, parts of the label, and the foil reflect the level of clarity and detail Arvid is famous for, he teases us by leaving strategic parts of the painting penciled in. Arvid also takes a natural segue from wine to bourbon. Inspired by sipping fine bourbon after dinner with friends, Arvid captures the inexplicable moment when you make a connection and a memory with someone over something as simple as sharing spirits. Once again, he reminds us to slow down and savor the details, because that is where life happens.

Like many of his collectors and friends, Arvid is also an avid wine and art collector. With his art historian wife, Vanessa, he has built an impressive and diverse collection of art over the years and loves sharing it with visitors to his home and studio. Because art almost always has a great story behind it, Arvid particularly enjoys recounting the tales behind his collection over a fine bottle of wine or with a few sips of bourbon.