Afternoon Light

Limited Edition Print by Henry Asencio

Afternoon Light

Henry Asencio
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
30 × 40 in
Handsigned by the Artist

Artwork Description

Contemporary painter Henry Asencio continues his legacy as a master in the art of delicate figure studies. Asencio’s works possess a refined sophistication as a result of the fine balance between visual accuracy, an accomplished abstract painting technique and his execution of artistic insight. It is this unique synthesis that continues to fascinate fine art collectors, critics and aficionados alike.

“Afternoon Light” is a simple yet convincing composition that remains true to Asencio’s hallmark of portraying sensual mystery and visual beauty. Delicately poised and hidden beneath a veil of her crimson hair, Asencio’s muse is gently revealed and quietly reserved. The artist is loyal to his pursuit of portraying the natural beauty of his subjects. He eloquently communicates his artistic intentions through the use of minimal color, light and shadow.

The figure’s intrinsic beauty emanates with a subtle elegance born of Asencio’s masterful use of the afternoon light to create the style and mood for this painting. A simplified palette of shades of azure and crimson serves to fuse the figure into the background, thereby adding an illusionary quality somehow necessary to sustain the figure’s anonymity. These subtle tonalities create an ambiance of quiet reservation and ultimately, an exquisite sensory experience when viewing this beautiful work of art.