Aspen Riches

Original Artwork by Gregg Johnson

Aspen Riches

Gregg Johnson
Original Artwork
7 × 22 in


Artwork Description

“Every fall a couple of friends and I go looking for the most brilliant and colorful aspens in Alberta. We drive all over the province looking for this queen of autumn color—aspens, white poplar, trembling aspens—to photograph and marvel at their rich yellows and oranges and the many shades in between, even bordering on reds, especially in the Kootenay Plains. And I’ve painted them on location and from my photo references, and I’ve never tired of trying to capture the beauty of their simple, elegant, white and ochre trunks extending gracefully skyward, gilded with reflected lights and finally smothered by clouds of leaves of both subtle and lavish tones of yellows. Nature said it all when she dressed the stately aspen for her fall fashion show.”

– Gregg Johnson