Birch Cluster Elk Island Park

Original Artwork by Gregg Johnson

Birch Cluster Elk Island Park

Gregg Johnson
Original Artwork
8 × 10 in

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Artwork Description

Edmonton outdoor lovers have only a short drive to one of the most beautiful and diverse parks in the country. It abounds with potholes, lakes and islands, trails and wildlife. Because of its dark sky designation, it is a great place for watching and photographing full moons, eclipses and star constellations. And of course, local fauna and flora in every season.
Though summer is the most popular time to visit this park, it’s in winter that my friends and I enjoy it most. We’ve been there to experience hoar frost mornings, blizzards, winter sunsets, and snow-deluged islands. We’ve surprised bison, deer, elk and coyotes as we hiked the trails. And there is always something new. Or a new appreciation of the old—-like the timeless beauty of stark and gnarly birch trees, deadfall caressing the islands, or the ochre stands of cat tails lining the numerous lakes.
One never tires of this rich and varied environment, and may it always be so.