Capture of the Horse Bundle

Limited Edition Print by Howard Terpning

Capture of the Horse Bundle

Howard Terpning
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Paper
33.5 × 19 in
Limited Edition of 1250, and Artists Proofs


Artwork Description

“Capture of the Horse Bundle” depicts seven Crow men on horseback returning from a raid on a Blackfeet camp. One man is holding aloft a Blackfeet horse bundle, attached to a pole. This bundle was important medicine and could be identified by the top of the parfleche case which is scooped out to represent the back of a horse. Capturing a medicine bundle from an enemy was considered an important coup which required great courage and skill. As these men return to their village in triumph, the people gather among the tepees to watch the successful raiders race by. The men are galloping right across the front of the canvas to create as much action, motion and excitement as possible.