Limited Edition Print by Henry Asencio


Henry Asencio
Limited Edition Print
Mixed Media on Canvas
30 × 22.5 in
Handsigned by the Artist

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Artwork Description

“Comfort” depicts a beautiful woman embracing herself in quiet serenity. For this image, the artist chose to pose his muse in the fetal position. Often used symbolically, this posture serves as a metaphor for healing, transformation, awakening or rebirth. Her legs are soothingly pulled against her body; her hair gently cascades as she drops her head to her knees and her arms reach out to engulf her entire being. She is safe and finds comfort from within herself that perhaps may even have its origins from another dimension.

Through composition and color Asencio is able to skillfully convey the unspoken truths of body language. And in spite of his sensually simple imagery, he weaves spiritual tales of inner beauty, hope and strength into each work of his art.