Coyote Head Study

Limited Edition Print by Robert Bateman

Coyote Head Study

Robert Bateman
Limited Edition Print
Offset Paper
10.75 × 7 in
Edition of 2500

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Artwork Description

“The much maligned coyote is the definitive survivor. Found in a variety of habitats, its diet consists of rabbits. rodents, carrion and occasionally, larger mammals, especially deer. Coyotes are one of the fastest terrestrial animals in North America, capable of reaching speeds of 38 miles per hour. The coyote will sometimes form a mutually beneficial partnership with a badger, in which the two will actually hunt together. The coyote uses its keen sense of smell to locate burrowing rodents so that the badger can dig them up with its powerful claws. Both then share the prize.

It is no wonder that an animal so resourceful as the coyote not only has managed to survive, but that it has extended its territory. This is due in part to human intervention which included the clearing of forests and almost total elimination of the coyote’s competition, the wolf.” Robert Bateman