Cuisine Avec Le Vin – Cooking With Wine

Limited Edition Print by Christopher M

Cuisine Avec Le Vin – Cooking With Wine

Christopher M
Limited Edition Print
22 × 30 in
Hand Embellished, Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

It has been said that “a few bottles of wine are as standard as salt and pepper in the kitchen of a haute cuisine chef”. Contemporary painter Christopher M. pays tribute to this notion in an image appropriately entitled, “Cuisine avec le vin” (translation: Cooking with wine).

In the culinary world, wine and food matching is a nuanced art. Like any art, education and experience are vital for superb results. Great chefs are required to understand how the flavors of various wines marry that of other flavors in a particular dish. These pairings can often bring exciting new dimensions to a meal.

Christopher M.’s “Cuisine avec le vin” is a stunning, vertical painting that superbly pairs art and cooking. The chef stands with elegant ease as he prepares the dish du jour. Potent cabernet red and plum tones dominate the canvas. Color, texture and form unite to create this delicious work of art, just as the flavors, aromas and textures coalesce to create the meal at hand. A bottle of red wine stands nonchalantly in the foreground. Likened to the art of fine cooking, the artist makes its presence known but does not allow it to overpower the composition.