Curious Emily

Limited Edition Print by Morgan Weistling

Curious Emily

Morgan Weistling
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
19 × 16 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

“I love painting kids because of their unpredictability. The key is to go with the reality they create in a situation and not to worry even if things start getting messy,” advises Morgan Weistling. “’Curious Emily’ may not have been the initial concept of the piece, but a child’s curiosity is a powerful thing. My intention was to have the young girl interact with a bowl of peaches. Instead, she found some of the set dressing items I had placed around her far more fascinating. By following her lead, I ended up with a better painting.”Achieving popular appeal and critical acclaim is no simple task for any artist. Weistling is regarded as one of the finest figurative painters today. His combination of technical prowess and acuity for capturing the nuances of the human spirit is what sets his art apart from others.

“Curious Emily” is a prime example of why Morgan is held in such high regard. This Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclèe Edition delivers all the subtle nuances and color harmonies Morgan wove into his original work. Enjoy all the beauty of a Morgan Weistling at a fraction of the cost of the original and grace your home with this divine work of art.