Deer Edward

Limited Edition Print by John Simpkins

Deer Edward

John Simpkins
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
24 × 28 in
Limited Edition of 50 S/N


Artwork Description

Move to a ghost town once known as Wildhorse, and frankly, you never know who, or what, is going to show up.

While meditating in front of a 5’ x 6’ window, waiting for the sun to rise, John Simpkins opened his eyes to find this locally renowned buck calmly staring back through his window at him. “His face would have been no more than 10” to 12” from mine,’ says John Simpkins. “I was more startled than he was. The locals say he was staring at his own reflection, but I am quite certain he was contemplating me.”

“The buck, because of his two sets of horns, is notorious in the area. You might even say he is a ‘marked man’ as I’ve heard people more than once express their desire to see his head on their wall. I painted little circles on him like bulls-eyes because of that, but they are also Chakra points. Both are targets in their own way. I named him (and the piece) for my Zen instructor, Edward Espe Brown.”

Deer Edward is as beautiful and serene an art experience as its meditative origins. Framed in the distance by the glacial Wildhorse Canyon, Deer Edward is surely to be recognized as the most colorful Soto Zen Buddhist Priest roaming the American plains since David Carradine’s Shaolin monk, Kwai Chang Caine.

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