Ethel the Gourmet

Limited Edition Print by Charles Wysocki

Ethel the Gourmet

Charles Wysocki
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
21 × 18 in


Artwork Description

Foodies and Feline fans, are ready for your Puffed Mice, Spacatti and Moth Balls and a little Catfish Chowder? Well then, “Ethel the Gourmet” is a work of art for you! Ethel is snuggled in among her forty-plus favorite recipes, spices and snacks. Can you find them all? Are you up for the challenge? If you do, then you’re the Cat’s Meow!

Uncle Tom’s Instant Long Grain Wild Mice, Tabby Teasers Recipes With Catnip, Admiral Bird Smoked Herring (pickled in Bangor Beetle Brine), Puffed Mice, Cateloni’s Pure Ground Spiced Mice, Corporate Fats Cats: A Summary on the Saleability of Canned Rats, Pussy Willow Catprika, Bird’s Nest Jelly Beans,

Spay Poupon Dijon Mustard, Wallowing in Garbage: Trashy Cuisine Tales, Monarch Poultry Seasoning (Made in Catalina), Bugs, Bees and Butterflies (pickled), Mouseland Island Salad Dressing (by Puss C. Footing Inc.), Mice Pudding, French’s Song Restorer, Bottled Slugs, Bye Bye Birdie Pie: 4 and 20 recipes,

Out of the Backyard and on to the Spit: Little Critter Fritters, Mice-Kababs

and other Crispy Turnovers, Four Star Fish Ponds, Spacatti and Moth Balls\, Hep Cat Mineral Water, Alley Hopping Recipes with the Ratskiller Family, Flabby Tabby Diet Mix; Sour Puss Pickles, The Purr-Fect Chocolate Mouse

Catfish Chowder, Catskill Catsup, Picky Mouse: Finicky Recipes, Old Tom Seasoned Crows Feet, Fricasse of Deloused Mouse, Fraidy Cat Barbeque Starter,

The Original Boston Wharf Gourmet Extra-Long Rat Tails, Mouse Radish, Shoofly Fly Killer and Pie Filler, Hartz Mountain Song Food, Me-Ow Tuna Catserol Mix, Ginger Snaps Fast Food All-Nite Diner, Salt and Pepper Shakers, 3 Wined Mice (marinated in grape juice), Mister Dynamite Hairball Release, Preparing the Canary for Cupcakes, Blintzes, Cream Puffs, Cobblers, etc., Krispy Krispies


“Ethel the Gourmet” is sister to “Frederick the Literate.” They are named after Fred and Ethel Mertz, the neighbors, friends and landlords of the Ricardo’s on the long-running television show “I Love Lucy.” These siblings may have come from the same litter, but clearly parted company on their way to adulthood. Whereas Frederick likes to nap in the library surrounded by the comfort of big ideas, Ethel has been busy in the kitchen. “No matter what happens,” said the artist Charles Wysocki, “Ethel is there. You bring the groceries home, she’s in the bag. You bring home clothes, she’s in the box. Whatever you bring home, she thinks it’s for her!”

This feast for foodies and feline fans has a home in your kitchen. We think you’ll find “Ethel the Gourmet” the cat’s meow. And, if you were lucky enough to get the “Frederick the Literate” canvas before it is sold out, then “Ethel the Gourmet” is the purr-fect companion (“Frederick the Literate” is Sold Out at Publisher but your Authorized Dealer may still have one so contact them to make a set.)

Order one for yourself and a feline-loving friend before Ethel runs off for good. So while Frederick catnaps in his dream den, Ethel reigns over her dream pantry with every cat’s favorite food on the shelves: Puffed Mice cereal, Three Wined Mice Pickled in Grape Juice and Uncle Tom’s Instant Long Grain Wild Mice. And that’s just the rodent menu. Ethel also has fish and birds on the brain with Catfish Chowder and Seasoned Crow’s Feet for starters.