Flashes of Lightning, Thunder of Hooves

Fine Art Print by Frank McCarthy

Flashes of Lightning, Thunder of Hooves

Frank McCarthy
Fine Art Print
Giclée Canvas
72 × 18 in
Anniversary Edition


Artwork Description

“Flashes of Lightning, Thunder of Hooves” is one of Frank’s largest and most detailed works. “What I wanted here was the feeling . . . ,” began McCarthy, but changed his mind mid-sentence. “No, not the feeling ― the sound, I wanted to get the sense of all that noise across.” The artist had experienced a buffalo stampede first-hand. “It’s not an earthquake,” he says, “but boy, can you feel it! And you can hear it a mile away.”

As a six-foot wide MuseumEdition™ Fine Art Canvas, Frank McCarthy’s “Flashes of Lightning, Thunder of Hooves” becomes a center piece of dynamic action in any room in which it hangs. It is one of the most exclusive editions we have created of his work. This (73″ x 22″) MuseumEdition™ masterpiece is available in an edition of only 25 copies. Be one of the lucky few to own this powerful and impressive work of art that portrays the dramatic days when herds of bison reigned supreme across the Great Plains of North America.