Found Objects – Peace River at Dunvegan

Original Artwork by Charity Dakin

Found Objects – Peace River at Dunvegan

Charity Dakin
Original Artwork
11 × 9 in

$1,167 CAD

Artwork Description

We have a habit of walking past things rather quickly, absorbed in our own thoughts and space, and sometimes slowing down with a little more intent would do us good. It took a pile of rocks to remind me of that last season. The stones along the shore of the mighty Peace River were round and smooth, tumbled and worn by the relentless seasonal flows of water and ice. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything of interest since the entire exposed bed was generally painted with a monochromatic brown coat of silt and mud. Of course, all it takes is one small glint of colour, a rich jade green or bright yellow ochre to redirect one’s attention and suddenly you see it everywhere and in plain sight. By the end of the excursion, my pockets were overflowing with every imaginable colour and ideas were forming in my head, those humble little stones every bit worthy of having a place on canvas and showcased. Even the rocks speak.