Heart’s Desire

Limited Edition Print by Jane Jones

Heart’s Desire

Jane Jones
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Paper
20 × 23.75 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

“When I first saw this red vase, I started thinking about what type of flower would look good in it. I chose the antherium flowers because their shape and color can hold their own with the powerful shape and color of the vase.  I wanted everything else in the painting to contrast with  and therefore magnify the bright red round shapes of the flowers and vase, so the other areas of the painting are grayed and square.   The flowers have a wonderful waffle-like texture that is pronounced because all of the other textures are smooth. The voluptuous shape of the vase is a great foil for flowers that my grandmother used to call “little boy flowers”.   All of this comes together  to make these flowers the center of attraction.”

 ~Jane Jones