I Want

Original Artwork by Emily McPhie

I Want

Emily McPhie
Original Artwork
Oil on Panel
9 × 11 in


Artwork Description

“I’ve used the image of a snail shell with a baby head and baby feet sticking out while thinking about my kids growing too fast, and wanting them to slow down so I can appreciate them before they change yet again.  In this piece, I have applied the same concept to my time.  I mean my time, the snatched minutes without kids wanting to eat… again, without chores and all the things on my mile long to-do list.  The red ribbon represents passions, the burning desire in my gut to create.  I wish I could push pause, have everyone freeze for bit, while I disappear into my studio to paint.  Sigh.   There are so many things I want to do, and so little time to pack it all in”.

– Emily McPhie