Idle Hours

Limited Edition Print by Bonnie Marris

Idle Hours

Bonnie Marris
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
32 × 24 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

“Last September I spent seven days backpacking in Yellowstone, which has been a central inspiration for me as an artist,” said artist Bonnie Marris, “but this recent trip was a special gift. I saw so much wildlife and had the joy of camping near the Druid wolf pack for 3 days.” Both the male and female pass time bonding with their pups. There are many “Idle Hours” with no agenda other than tenderness and play. A wolf’s eyes seem to always have a remote distance, but this mother is in her own world, a place of incredible security, with her two pups. “This is the painting I always wanted to do,” Bonnie said. “I felt somehow completed when it was finished.”

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