In the Glow

Limited Edition Print by Thomas Arvid

In the Glow

Thomas Arvid
Limited Edition Print
Sublimation on Metal
17 × 42 in


Artwork Description

A departure from the typical casual style of an Arvid, “In the Glow” evokes a formal elegance. The scene set by the etched crystal glasses, the lacquered table, and the finest Champagne imparts a subtle golden tone that is captured on the canvas, almost as if the artwork itself is gilded.

The craftsmanship of the elements used in the composition echoes Arvid’s skill and intense attention to the crafting of each painting. Arvid’s mastery lies beyond visual and manual dexterity; his combination of artistry and sense of story complete each piece.

Also available as:

  • Sublimation on Metal – 32″ x 13″
  • Sublimation on Metal – 24″ x 9.75″