In the Shadows

Original Artwork by Judy Larson

In the Shadows

Judy Larson
Original Artwork
10 × 7 in


Artwork Description

“It is natural for wolves to be very cautious.  Indeed, the very art of wolf survival can depend upon how skillful and subtle a wolf can be in its daily activities.  Nevertheless, in areas populated by wolves, humans can often glimpse a wolf using natural habitats like forested areas and other settings that are close to civilization.  Wolves will travel along open roads, railroad and utility corridors, and they will also feed and rest where humans can catch sight of them.  Often living in packs, the need to stay “in the shadows” for their survival is further complicated by their numbers.

Wolves are particularly in danger in the Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest.  Recently, the United States Congress has eliminated the Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in these vast areas, and their fate now rests in the hands of state officials.  While some states have adopted progressive plans to welcome wolves into their states, other states are taking a more extreme approach to wolf management.

Nevertheless, despite a shrinking habitat and, in some areas, threats to their very existence, wolves continue to survive and to flourish”.

– Judy Larson