It’s a Sure Win

Limited Edition Print by Thomas Arvid

It’s a Sure Win

Thomas Arvid
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Paper
20 × 36 in


Artwork Description

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of a job well done. Hard work, perseverance and ingenuity inspire the dedication to create a new standard for the American palate (and palette). There’s nothing more patriotic than appreciating the fine craftsmanship produced right here in our own back yard . . . it’s a sure win for all of us.

Thomas Arvid is a self-made man who learned the value of good work growing up in a blue collar Detroit family. Without any formal art training, Arvid taught himself to paint in oils and began his artistic career painting at a café in Atlanta. As demand for his work increased with his passion for wine, Arvid developed the iconic style he is known for today. After twenty years of dedication to the craft he loves, Arvid is a self-published artist with his artwork collected by patrons all over the world.