Keen Edge

Original Artwork by Michael Dumas

Keen Edge

Michael Dumas
Original Artwork
Oil on Russian Birch
3.75 × 5 in


Artwork Description

“My family settled along the eastern edge of Algonquin Park, back when lumbering was the primary source of employment in the area. My father worked in the winter logging camps for a time, and two of my uncles held lifelong employment at the mill. I can remember a time when the primary heating of our home was provided by a large cast-iron wood stove, and how cold the house was on a winter morning. My brother Alexander and I both took on the chore of splitting and stacking firewood as soon as we had the physical strength for the task, first with soft pine for kindling and later hard maple that burned hot and long. My brother, depicted in Keen Edge, still has a wood stove in his home on the land originally cleared by my grandfather.”

– Michael Dumas