Lake of the Shining Rocks

Limited Edition Print by Stephen Lyman

Lake of the Shining Rocks

Stephen Lyman
Limited Edition Print
40 × 27 in


Artwork Description

“When this lake was named Tenaya Lake, after the last chief of the Ahwahneechee Indians, that tribe already had its own name for it,” wrote Stephen Lyman. “For generations, they had been calling Pyweak (Pie-wee-ack), which means ‘Lake of the Shining Rocks.’ It’s a very beautiful place where a lot of people go in the summertime, but by October everybody’s gone back to their everyday lives.

“I really enjoy painting light, trees, rocks, water and reflections. I love those elements and walking over the rock in Yosemite. This is a scene that just invites you to step onto that slope, even though it’s not level. It’s asking you to keep your balance and open your senses as fully as you can. Walking over that rock puts you in touch with nature . . . with all of life.”