Luck of the Irish

Limited Edition Print by Michael Flohr

Luck of the Irish

Michael Flohr
Limited Edition Print
Mixed Media on Canvas
60 × 36 in
Printers Proof


Artwork Description

”Luck of the Irish”, a newly released fine art limited edition created by contemporary artist Michael Flohr reveals a place that is near and dear to his heart. Painted at the world famous Buena Vista café in San Francisco, the composition showcases Flohr’s incredible mastery as one of today’s most talented modern impressionists.

His composition draws the eye towards Fred the bartender, who stands behind the polished old world wood of the famous counter. Glass bottles are illuminated in the soft glow of the light and patrons are gathered all around as Fred tells his jokes and spins his yarns for the eager listeners.

Their friendship as well as Flohr’s genuine fondness for the café is evident in the golden coloring and textural details of this beautiful work of art. His brushstrokes work to tell the story, bringing to life the unique smells and the sound of chatter and laughter.

“Luck of the Irish” is a celebration of good times and good friends. It is a tribute to the past, a nod to the present and an amazing example of the transporting power of art.

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