Memory Dissolving

Original Artwork by Nicoletta Baumeister

Memory Dissolving

Nicoletta Baumeister
Original Artwork
Acrylic on Panel
12 × 9 in

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Artwork Description

As each day, week, and years pass, what went before is slowly dissolved. As an oysters deposits a nacre coat over a grain of sand, time too layers milky gauze over the events of our lives . Eroding and erasing our daily transcripts until what is left in memory are small morsels, tiny gems, like brightly glowing signposts, lodged in our storyline.
The Memory series is painted in a process that mimics the processes of memory. A complete work is painted. Then a white, semi-translucent paint is applied layer after layer, slowly editing until only a few small areas of colour are left. The final work is a balance between the fabric of memory and the nuggets of time/experience.