Merlin and Arthur

Limited Edition Print by Scott Gustafson

Merlin and Arthur

Scott Gustafson
Limited Edition Print
37 × 22 in
Anniversary Edition
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Artwork Description

Artist Scott Gustafson’s exquisite and detailed paintings speak to the childhood dreams and passions in each of us, unlocking a world of wonder and “once upon-a-times” . . . . In “Merlin and Arthur,” Gustafson brings to life the stuff of which legends are made. Authors and artists have fallen under the spell of possibilities that abound within the framework of the Arthurian Legend. Merlin, the world’s foremost wizard, alchemist, prophet and sage would have made a dazzling tutor for Arthur, the young boy who was destined to become Britain’s “once and ever king.” Gustafson sets his scene in Merlin’s room, chock full of exotic and marvelous portents, omens, objects and animals. In fact, 21 symbols and references associated with the legend of Merlin can be found throughout the painting.