On the North Fork of the Shonshoni

Limited Edition Print by James Bama

On the North Fork of the Shonshoni

James Bama
Limited Edition Print
Print on Paper
19 × 19 in


Artwork Description

“It was nine degrees the day we worked on this image – incredibly cold. We couldn’t go more than a half mile from my house. We managed to get to the river bottom, which is treacherous going because of all the snow-covered rocks. But it was also a crisp day and the clarity was terrific.

“It was just amazing the way the light hit the scene. It was a magical moment: the sun was low and dramatic on this pristine snow. The horse, who had gotten pretty furry by that time of year, also added to the balance between the sharpness and softness.

“Most people take the shoes off their horses and don’t ride during that time of year, so you can’t really give this cowboy a story because he’d have to be an idiot to go out on a day like that. But I guess cowboys and Western artists are just two of a hardy few who brave the Wyoming winter weather along the banks of the Shoshoni River.”