Power and Grace

Carl Brenders
Limited Edition Print
27.25 W x 39 H inches
Limited Edition of 250

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Artwork Description

“It’s often frustrating to see animals on nature hikes, because they almost always run away; one rarely sees them up close. I bring the animals close to the viewer to bring some renewal to wildlife art. What I paint is nearly impossible to see in the wild. In my scenes of nature, I like to share the experience of being within the intimate world of the animals — a little moment in paradise together with them.

When I paint deer, I almost feel part of the herd. I could run with the herd, following the white flag in front of me, jumping over obstacles. I feel the textures of the bodies of the animals in my mind — the soft, shiny nose; the smooth fur; the beautiful white tail. Of all the deer family, white-tails are by far the most beautiful. The way they run and jump is a delight to the eyes. For me, their eyes reflect all the beauty of wild nature.”

Carl Brenders