Prayer for the Wild Things

Limited Edition Print by Bev Doolittle

Prayer for the Wild Things

Bev Doolittle
Limited Edition Print
21 × 28 in
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Artwork Description

“When I sit at home in my art studio, I always have my CD player on. The music is more than a background; it is an inspiration. Paul Winter’s music paints pictures of nature for me.

“Music and painting are two forms of art and all art is essentially a method by which we communicate on an emotional level. ‘Prayer for the Wild Things’ is our attempt to surround you with an emotional, visual and musical message concerning our place in the natural world and our connection to all wild things.

“Real art comes from the heart. In ‘Prayer for the Wild Things, I’ve tried to express my feelings about our relationship with the wild animals we share this Earth with. Paul is doing the same thing in his own way, by reaching out with his music to touch our feelings. Paul and I have tried to express, in harmony, our love for all the wilderness and its creatures.”