Pursuit Across the Yellowstone

Limited Edition Print by Howard Terpning

Pursuit Across the Yellowstone

Howard Terpning
Limited Edition Print
Print on Canvas
36 × 28 in
Limited Edition of 60


Artwork Description

Own a part of Howard Terpning’s personal collection. The painting Pursuit Across the Yellowstone is part of the Terpning’s family collection. For those that follow Howard Terpning and know the story of the dual hearts in the painting will understand the significance of these two symbols. When Howard creates a painting he wishes to keep, he and his wife Marlies both paint a red heart in the painting. This is something they have done from the very beginning and after 50 years of marriage the tradition continues.

“Painting horses moving in water is always challenging. Patterns in the water caused by the horses became an important part of the composition in this picture. Attempting to show part of the shoreline did not work visually, so I decided to put all the emphasis on the horses and riders. These Crow warriors are in hot pursuit of their enemy and hopefully their animation and determination is clear to the viewer.” – Howard Terpning

Also available as an Artists Proof, limited edition of 20