Raising the Glass Ceiling

Original Artwork by Larisa Cheladyn

Raising the Glass Ceiling

Larisa Cheladyn
Original Artwork
4 × 42 in

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Artwork Description

“Raising the Glass Ceiling” was inspired by the Canadian-born cosmetics magnate Elizabeth Arden and features the elegant Elizabeth Arden Tulip. Business and Commerce in Canada are not for the faint of heart. There are many obstacles and challenges that often seem insurmountable, especially for women determined to pursue this career direction.

This painting is dedicated to all women who have a vision and the drive to make it happen, to raise, if not to break, the ‘glass ceiling.’

Part of the Celebrating Women Collection, a series of original watercolour paintings created by Larisa Sambaliuk Cheladyn 2003 – 04 as a fundraising project for the National Council of Women of Canada. The series toured across Canada 2004 – 05.