Rambler Painted With Light

Photography by Lori-Ann Muenzer

Rambler Painted With Light

Lori-Ann Muenzer
12 × 8 in


Artwork Description

This old Rambler was on a friend’s acreage just outside of Edmonton and was really old and rusted looking.  I took my flashlight and “painted” only some parts of the Rambler.  If you look closely at the photograph the entire hood is not visible, nor is the right hand side of the car, but you can just barely make out the driver’s side mirror, some snow on the hood and only parts of the front chrome bumper, as well as the snow and grass that was on the underside of the car.I definitely needed some hot chocolate to warm me up after making this photograph as it was the middle of January and -15ºC!

~ Lori-Ann Muenzer