Above the Rapids – Gulls and Grizzly

Limited Edition Print by Robert Bateman

Above the Rapids – Gulls and Grizzly

Robert Bateman
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
37 × 23 in


Artwork Description

“Salmon are an essential element for nourishment of wildlife from grizzly bears to birds to other aquatic life and insects. Moreover, scientists have just discovered that the nutrient makes its way through bears, birds and insects to fertilize the giant west cost lowland forest. Salmon rivers have much bigger trees than non-salmon rivers. This fish is so important and integral to society and nature that many people think it should be the poster creature for the Endangered Species Act instead of the spotted owl.

Although I have not shown a salmon in this painting, you know that they are there. some are in the water above the falls and others are still fighting way upstream. This is why the grizzly bear and gull are there. This the banquet time so important to these species and many others. It is a far-ranging crime against nature and against us to jeopardize the spectacular wild salmon.”

– Robert Bateman

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