Rothschildia Jacobaeae – Giant Silk Moth

Original Artwork by Carl Brenders

Rothschildia Jacobaeae – Giant Silk Moth

Carl Brenders
Original Artwork
Gouache/Watercolor on Illustration Board
7.5 × 10 in


Artwork Description

“As a child, nothing fascinated me more than the harmonious colours and wonderful, Sometimes Strange, forms of butterflies. Nostalgic memories of the countryside, with all the field flowers full of butterflies, made me decide to do this piece. I visited The Museum of Natural History in Brussels as part of my fieldwork study. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how many different species of butterflies and moths exist in the world (in Europe, we call moths ‘night butterflies’). When they opened all the drawers where they keep the dried specimens for me it was like a jewelry display. Since then, I call butterflies the jewels of nature.”

-Carl Brenders