Salty Witch Bay

Limited Edition Print by Charles Wysocki

Salty Witch Bay

Charles Wysocki
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
60 × 24 in
Anniversary Museum Edition


Artwork Description

You can get out your map and look for “Salty Witch Bay,” but you won’t find it. It existed only in the mind of Charles Wysocki. “This particular painting was a supreme joy for me to create,” he said. “The size, the original measures 2 feet by 5 feet, was great fun to compose. This coastal community is typical of any that might be found in New England – with a few of my personal ideas thrown in. It is all fantasy, including the name!”

Fantastic indeed! Take in the pleasure of a warm summer day as shopkeepers shuttle their wares and cart men offer scrumptious delights along the shores and byways. Revel in the elegance and whimsy of seaside life in a horse-drawn era when the pace was slower and people took the time to chat and catch up on all the family and local news of “Salty Witch Bay.”