Shield of Her Husband

Limited Edition Print by Howard Terpning

Shield of Her Husband

Howard Terpning
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
26 × 34 in
90th Birthday Edition Series - Limited to 90


Artwork Description

A Sioux Indian woman proudly carrying the shield of her husband. She is wearing a hide dress of the 1840 to 1850 period. The yoke is covered with pony beads and the sleeves are left natural, with no attempt at tailoring. Sioux women were allowed to carry their husbands shields whereas the Cheyenne women were not.

Available as:

  • 90th Birthday Series Edition – 26″ x 34″
  • Original Production: 1982 – 17″ x 22 3/4″ – Sold Out At Publisher

90th Birthday Series Edition includes a Companion Remarque paper print (5 x 7), Knife and Awl Case, highlighting the the knife and awl case hanging from the Sioux woman’s belt. Both items where indispensable tools in high plains Indian life during the time. Like many items found in Terpning’s works, these are part of his beloved personal collection.