Ship of Dreams (Collector’s Set)

Limited Edition Print by Dean Morrissey

Ship of Dreams (Collector’s Set)

Dean Morrissey
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
20 × 16 in
Limited Edition of 100 S/N


Artwork Description

When Joey went to bed that night he was determined to stay awake so he could see the Sandman. His friend, Henry, said that he had seen the Sandman and Joey didn’t want to be left out. As he lay in bed, fighting to keep his eyes open, Joey imagined what meeting the Sandman would be like ….

Dean Morrissey’s charming story follows Joey on his journey through the star-filled night to meet the Sandman, a voyage filled with excitement and delight. Joey sails off in his specially-adapted wagon, the Redd Rocket, on a flight of discovery followed step-by-step in Morrissey’s magically vivid realistic paintings. The boy’s adventure, his exhilarating fall through the sky and heart-stopping rescue, his discovery of the Sandman’s amazing ship and the secrets contained aboard it, all add up to a bedtime experience that children of all ages will cherish again and again.

Includes the Ship of Dreams book