Silent Snows

Limited Edition Print by Stephen Lyman

Silent Snows

Stephen Lyman
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
34 × 16 in
Anniversary Edition


Artwork Description

This fine art limited edition print features two of Stephen Lyman’s favorites: the Alaskan wilderness and the timber wolf. Steve would return home from camping trips to Denali National Park reinvigorated, impressed and inspired by the area’s vastness and beauty. The place became all the more wild to him knowing animals like the caribou, bear and wolf roamed the woods and mountains around him.

A faint smell, sight or sound has brought a pause to this timber wolf’s noiseless amble over a favorite backwoods track. Familiar with the intimate rhythms of his woodland domain, he is assessing whether it is an opportunity or threat he has encountered as an early season snow envelopes the surrounding hills.