Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage

Limited Edition Print by James Christensen

Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage

James Christensen
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
24 × 18 in
Anniversary Edition, Limited to 95 S/N


Artwork Description

“For these hunters, the ritual is far more important that the prize,” explains Christensen. “Bonking the bird is not in the thing; the technique of the hunt is. Each of these bird hunters is a “master” of technique, whether he’s disguised as another bird, a pear tree, a rock, a fungus-covered log or a butterfly. Whoever has the best costume, more than who gets the bird, wins.”

“That accounts for only five bird hunters, though. What about the sixth? Is it the fish? “No,” says Christensen, stone-faced. “That’s a decoy. Still can’t find the sixth bird hunter. That’s because he’s very, very good,” says Christensen.

As this Fine Art Anniversary Edition Canvas shows, you can never have enough of the right gear. Certainly there are more efficient ways to go about such an endeavor, but where is the fun in that? Get your edition of “Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage” and join a hunt where imagination and invention are the most important things of all.