Spiritual Journey

Limited Edition Print by Henry Asencio

Spiritual Journey

Henry Asencio
Limited Edition Print
Giclée Canvas
16 × 20 in
Handsigned by the Artist


Artwork Description

Perhaps like all artists Henry Asencio cannot help but express his own spiritual quest in each work of his art. Reaching far beyond paint and canvas, Asencio’s abstract figurative works speak to the viewer on many levels. As he renders her body, contemplates her thoughts and paints furiously to expose her very essence we are captivated by his ability to awaken our own soul consciousness. His paintings, like any spiritual journey are a unique and highly personal experience.

In Asencio’s latest image titled “Spiritual Journey”, he sets out to calm our minds and nurture our spirits once again. A sense of tranquility pervades the composition. Personifying the stillness of inward reflection, his muse sits quiet and alone, perhaps meditating. Her triangular pose suggests the 3-fold nature of the self: mind, body and spirit. The random and spontaneous brushstrokes of Asencio’s signature style are masculine in application yet serve to create a distinctive balance amidst his femininely delicate subject matter. Here, unusually powerful and unexpected color is discernible upon her back. Layers of color emerge to the surface as if building upon the layers of existence to create a path for her personal journey. In life, metaphorically speaking, we are all given a blank canvas and the potential to create our own masterpiece. Our physical body serves as the paintbrush as we walk along the surface. Our mind – thinking, learning and knowing – reveals our personal style.

Then add a journey replete with colorful experiences and textural highs and lows. The art of life, where does one find the mastery? For artist Henry Asencio it lurks far beyond paint and canvas. And like the muse, we are all the multi-dimensional manifestations of our own minds, bodies and spirits.